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If you live in the hurricane and tornado regions of the United States, one common type of catastrophic damage to occur is the separation of the roof from the building’s walls.
Carports, additions, and pre-hurricane building code practices are vulnerable to wind damage that compromises the entire building structure, often resulting in losses that are preventable with a roof tie-down system.

Hurricane Harness Manufacturing

Discovery following the aftermath of devastation by hurricane Andrew, experts in the field of civil engineering, mechanical engineering, manufacturing, building and building design (Testimonials), developed a product which could be easily installed on demand, was strong, light weight and weather resistant. Visit,(Protection solutions).

Hurricane Harness was developed to be an affordable means for existing built roof systems to withstand a Category 5 Hurricane. The Hurricane Harness Product functions like a Seat Belt for the roof.  Engineered for strength and durability, every Hurricane Harness component is designed specifically to prevent the catastrophic damage that is inevitable when the roof is damaged by high wind. Hurricane Harness tied-down structures throughout the United States are standing testimonials to our product and service we provide each hurricane season, visit (Real Stories).

Disaster response services are vital for customers that may not be able to install the Hurricane Harness themselves. Our installation service is particularly important to senior citizens who want to be sure they have a home that’s intact after the storm.

Hurricane Harness is creating a network of distributors who realize that residential built roofs, manufactured homes, and metal commercial buildings, need more than window protection to withstand hurricane force winds. Become a (Distributor) today.

Homes and business protected with a Hurricane Harness will survive the storm, again and again. To learn how the Hurricane Harness provides peace of mind each hurricane season, visit (How it works), then (Contact us) for a free no obligation estimate today.

If you are already providing storm protection products and services learn about becoming a Hurricane Harness® Distributor (CLICK HERE)

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