The System

Earth anchor with removable cover

Foundation wall attachment
Stainless Steel

Concrete slab anchor bolts
Stainless Steel

Foundation wall attachment with strap assembly Removeable gutter plug prevents gutter damage
White or colored
Stainless steel slab anchor with ratchet/strap assembly

Hurricane Harness® Seat Belt Technology

In its initial stages, Hurricane Harness Corporation utilized standard “cargo tie‐down” webbing in its Hurricane Harness® System. These straps are typically in the 10,000‐12,000 lb range and are made of 100% polyester. Industry standards require them to perform with an elongation around (15%). As the Hurricane Harness® engineers further studied the phenomenon of roof lift during a hurricane they determined that the standard cargo tie‐down, generally considered a low stretch strap, would not fulfill the strict standards in the event of a major hurricane.

Found only at Hurricane Harness®, this innovative strap (above) is five times stronger than steel, differs in many ways to conventional straps and it is important to understand each element of its construction.

There are eight independently woven bands or (ropes) which are designed to react to increased tension when loads are applied with the ratchets, in a sense, the strap self levels itself in a uniform manner when the roof is placed under a load. The outer properties, (white or colored) provide the inherent protection to the sun’s ultra‐violet rays if left in place over extended periods of time as well as the ability to shed water, thus decreasing any absorbency during the storm.

The inner cased aramid fibers inside the webbing (yellow in color) provide the superior strength, 12,000 lbs, in addition to the exceptional low elongation tolerance (1.2%), the overwhelming strength you would expect during a major hurricane.

This standard of excellence can only be found at Hurricane Harness Corporation, the leader in over‐the‐roof protection for the home, mobile home and business since 1993.

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Securing The Home

Aluminum frame distributes a uniformed load displacement evenly throughout the length of the metal pan roof system once the straps are applied and fully tightened.

A fully secured mobile home protected in 30 minutes.



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