Is your home or business protected? Give yourself the storm protection you need with Hurricane Harness!

Are you likely to get hit by a hurricane or tropical storm?

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Hurricanes and tornadoes can rip the roof right off your house. Protect yourself today!

America's # 1 Hurricane Mitigation

"It must have been sheer terror for the pets left behind. When the roof came off it must have sucked them all out. We never saw any of them again. In fact we looked everywhere for many weeks, we felt so guilty. We wish we had our home protected better."
H.J, New Orleans LA
"My home was not the only thing that was valuable. All the family collections of a lifetime, every photo, every picture, every gift, every trinket given to us by friends and family, even my mother's wedding china, were gone in an instant. As soon as the roof came off it was over!"
B.V., Punta Gorda FL
Simple and easy to install, the strength in Hurricane Harness® over-the-roof tie-downs give you protection against this most unimaginable event by Mother Nature from happening to you during a hurricane.
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