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Hurricane Andrew Effects and real footage Protecting our inventory, machinery and livelihood was a no-brainer.  In 4hrs. we can protect our entire facility. What a great roof protection idea…
Ted W.  - New Port Richey
Mobile Home Roof Deltona Home
I completely understood your idea of building an additional aluminum frame on top of the roof and securing the frame with tie-downs.
Bill D.  - Pinellas Park
Hurricane Jeanne scared the heck out of us. Linda and I spent 4 hrs. protecting our windows and doors and 45 minutes protecting our roof. We lost 3 bundles of shingles that was it....
Floyd H.
Mobile Home 1 Mobile Home 2
I purchased the Hurricane Harness® equipment and with help from my neighbor, we installed it on Saturday. Your field supervisor stopped by to check our work then offered us a job…
Larry B.
Our son sets up our tie-downs each season before we leave up north. Nice to know our home is secured when storms develop.
Doris G. - Quebec
Mobile Home 3 Mobile Home 4
I was astonished when last year you called us to inform us of a tornado threat and personnel were being dispatched to our area. What a great sense of security and peace of mind your company provides.
Dominick - Doral Village
The insurance provided on our home pales in comparison to what our home and all the contents are worth.
Jim B.  - Largo
Mobile Home Roof 2 Redington Shores
How coincidental Hurricane Charley struck a week later. Perfect timing.
Rose A.  - Sarasota
Training center, Redington Shores Fl.
Member Home Real House
The Hurricane Harness® just made sense to me. I’m a retired airline pilot and know how lift would be created under my carport, Thanks again for the great job…
Tom H.  - Seminole
Our church is 3 blocks away and the steeple was completely ripped off during Bonnie…
Wayne P.  - Outer Banks, NC.
Member Home Member Home
Our large carport and screened porch addition was our biggest concern this year. Next year we’ll finish the rest of the house. Part one: Channel tie-down
Member Home Member Home
Part two: Channel tie-down Part one w/ two: installed

Non Members

“At least we are alive” said Doris Setler, 71, “God put a blessing on us.” Some thought the entire area looked like a war zone.
Most of the mobile homes looked like they were destroyed by wrecking crews. Mrs. Birger, 65, said: “Things can be repaired, but lives cannot be fixed.”
C. Jones, 76,”You cannot patch up these places, they're too flimsy.” Homeowners saw a jumble of chairs, tables, curtains, clothing, and plumbing fixtures piled high and helter-skelter.
“I feel sorry for other folks” said Ms. Thompson, “They lost a heck of a lot more than we did.” Ms. Jones, “How would you feel if everything you owned was just destroyed within hours.”
Authorities said 31 mobile home parks in Charlotte County sustained major damage. The roof was ripped right off like it was made out of paper.

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